FRAME is committed to ensuring that there is no modern slavery or human trafficking in any part of our business or supply chain. Our contractual and procurement approach has always been to work with reputable and ethical third parties and, wherever possible, to include contractual provisions to ensure that such third parties are compliant with all applicable laws.

We actively review our HR policies and procedures to ensure that we comply with all applicable laws and protect the rights and freedoms of all those working on our operations.  Our employment policies address issues such as working hours, working conditions, whistle blowing, discrimination, health and safety in the workplace, holiday and sick pay and the protection of personal data.


Supplier Review and Risk Assessment


Since the introduction of the MSA, FRAME has been considering and reviewing its practices and its supply chain to identify any particular risks or concerns. Our risk assessment has found that FRAME has a low risk of any modern slavery within its own operations.

FRAME’s supply chain includes logistics, manufacturing, warehousing, I.T., professional services and office facilities related services.

We require increased diligence and risk assessments in relation to slavery and human trafficking from all potential new vendors prior to any new relationship being formed with particular focus placed where there is a reliance on low paid, low skilled or seasonal workers in a high- risk jurisdiction.

This is and will be an ongoing process to ensure that potential risk areas within FRAME and or its supply chain are identified early to enable appropriate steps to be taken to prevent FRAME from being associated with any form of slavery or human trafficking. We will terminate our relationship with any vendors who we believe may be involved in modern slavery or human trafficking.


Training and Awareness


All key staff understand, and are aware of, the risks of modern slavery and human trafficking and our zero-tolerance approach to it.  This understanding and awareness will be enhanced through training.  Such training will assist key staff to recognize risks of slavery and human trafficking and will provide them with effective ways to report any concerns. 

FRAME remains committed to upholding its reputable and ethical supply chain and will be reviewing its progress and effectiveness in combating slavery and human trafficking on an ongoing basis.