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Enjoy Free Shipping and Free 30-day returns. Details.

25% Off Sitewide. Exclusions Apply. See Details.

Enjoy Free Shipping and Free 30-day returns. Details.

25% Off Sitewide. Exclusions Apply. See Details.

Free Global DHL Express shipping + FRAME covers the cost of duties

Free Global DHL Express shipping + FRAME covers the cost of duties


We like to think that we’re super responsible people. To make sure that we’re creating products in the eco-friendliest way possible, we’ve taken a front-to-back approach to sustainability, which is just a fancy way of saying that we’re using a mix of post-consumer recycled materials and pre-consumer environmentally safe fabrics.

Here’s how:

Denim Au Naturel

In 2019, we celebrated the launch of our Sustainable Denim collection.
Environmentally-safe materials like recycled cotton and post-consumer plastic bottles that would otherwise end up in our oceans serve to reverse some of the damage caused by years of harmful production practices.
Eco-friendly wash techniques like high-efficiency lasering reduces our water consumption and eliminates the use of toxic chemicals (yuck).
By Winter 2021, FRAME’s denim pocket linings will contain 30% recycled polyester, which equals to about 1 recycled water bottle per jean. Sort of like a gift with purchase

Recycled Cashmere

Literally no animals are harmed in the making of our sweaters. While cashmere is already a super renewable and biodegradable fabric, we wanted to take it one step further. We source our cashmere from recycled garments that pass a strict quality standards test and then cut them into smaller pieces before combing, spinning, and re-knitting the cashmere fibers into a brand new sweater.

Organic Pima Cotton

Fun fact: pima cotton makes up 2% of the world’s cotton. Organic pima cotton on the other hand, makes up just 0.0005%. That’s because it’s a real labor of love. By ditching harmful pesticides in favor of organic techniques, our cotton has to be constantly tended to with traditional methods like crop rotation, mulching, and hand-weeding. So when our tags say 100% organic pima cotton, consider it a badge of honor.

Bluesign-Certified Silk

Bluesign is short for “Manufactured in factories with the highest industry standards and eco certifications without the use of harmful chemicals or dyes.” Our bluesign-certified Wash & Go Silk is ethically harvested from silkworms that get to enjoy their full lifecycle without compromising the integrity of silk. Plus, they’re 100% machine washable.

FRAME x thredUP

We partnered with our friends at thredUP to reduce our impact on the Earth and bring you a feel-good way to shop. Clean out your closet and cash out to earn a FRAME gift card.