Le Original Biodegradable in Blue Jay Rips

$181 $258 29% Off

$181 $258 29% Off

Rigid Denim

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Model is 5'11" Tall/180cm and is wearing a US Size 25

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Le Original Biodegradable -- Blue Jay Rips Image
Le Original Biodegradable -- Blue Jay Rips Image


Part of our (Bio)Degradable Denim Collection, this 100% cotton rigid biodegradable denim features a removable button and zipper. When these parts are removed and the fabric is buried, it will break down and return to the earth as organic matter.

Care Instructions: To preserve your (bio)degradable denim, remove the buttons before washing. Once your denim is dry, put the buttons back on and twist the ring to tighten. If a button is lost, please see your nearest store for a replacement.





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